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Protitle Live customers produce high-quality subtitles for news, sports and other live shows.

We make live subtitling as cost-effective, accurate, fast and easy as possible by advising on the use of tools for speech recognition, fast keyboard input and automatic downloads of scripts and runorders.

Speech recognition ! Subtitling at the speed of light !

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Our commitment to bring you the most reliable Software

PROTITLE LIVE is a complete subtitling solution for live and offline subtitling.

Based on speech recognition, this innovative solution offers a wide range of applications to create real time subtitles on air or subtitle files to be transmitted later.


PROTITLE LIVE is used when the transcript cannot be recorded in advance: conferences, lectures, etc.


Our solution now benefits from a brand new functionality allowing the user to reuse saved subtitles later and in different forms (printing, on-lining, file conversion in different formats: PDF, Word, RTF, SVG, etc.). Each client can personalize his file exports through one or several XSLT transformation files. Once the file created, you can choose the type of export and the page layout you need in just a click.

Synchronization module


With a video and an independent plain text, PROTITLE LIVE takes care of producing a synchronous subtitling. The user opens the file, imports the text and synchronizes it word after word by listening to the sound. The subtitle file and the video are thus synchronous.

A distributed and secured subcontracting for a better productivity


Facing increasing subtitling needs coming from accessibility laws, PROTITLE LIVE allows sharing the workload between several operators, simultaneously or alternatively, at one or different places.


The software sets up rapidly and easily, for live or recorded programs, in one or several languages and whatever the number of people working on it.


Within the framework of remote working, the “Studio” version of PROTITLE LIVE ensures a fully secured network between the live broadcasting department and the independent subtitling laboratory.

Accessibility to information and education for all

Based on speech recognition, PROTITLE LIVE is part of an initiative that aims at giving the deaf and hearing-impaired access to live TV programs. Today, this innovative solution can apply to many contexts and is presented as the favored tool of companies and organizations committed to broadcast information to a large audience or targeted communities.

Whatever the task (live subtitling, increase in the traditional subtitle production, transcription in one or several languages of conferences, lectures or  international festivals), PROTITLE LIVE keeps the same working principle: a parrot repeats what he hears, adds punctuation and then another operator checks the subtitles and corrects them if necessary before their broadcasting.

Subtitling software solution using speech recognition : 1 offline user.

Subtitling software solution using speech recognition: 2 offline users simultaneously.

Subtitling software solution using speech recognition: 2 users simultaneously on air!

Subtitling software solution using speech recognition: 15 offline users simultaneously on one database.

Subtitling software solution using speech recognition: 15 simultaneous users on one database!

Protitle Live’s Playlist Module is made to alternate different subtitling modes, manually, semi-manually or automatically.

These modes are:

  • Live
  • Subtitling file prepared in advance (STL EBU, XML, etc.)
  • Text files (teleprompter, etc.)

For each of these modes, it is possible to control the playlist from an external TC but also to manually broadcast subtitles.

The file created out of a playlist can be saved in order to be broadcast later, manually or automatically, like a traditional subtitle file.

The Playlist Module can be managed by most of the market’s Newsroom systems.

The Ultimate Live Subtitling Solution

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