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AYATO 3 is our professional subtitling preparation software, used by freelancers, broadcasters and subtitling houses worldwide.

Open-caption translation subtitles in any language, closed-caption access subtitles – all can be produced in record time with our intuitive design and advanced productivity tools.

Classic subtitling

Our commitment to bring you the most reliable Software

Based on AYATO, the AYATO 3 System combines all of the AYATO and AYATO NX functionalities, enhancing productivity and usability even further.

AYATO 3 can be used to produce subtitles easily, efficiently and accurately for any recorded media. It supports a comprehensive range of media and file formats, ensuring compatibility with all production and delivery requirements.

AYATO 3 blends the human skills of the subtitler or translator with state-of-the art audiovisual analysis and speech processing. This delivers high productivity and greater accuracy – the advanced features assist in capturing accurate timecodes, checking spelling and timing, and ensuring that files are consistent with client specifications.

NINSIGHT has heavily invested into the AYATO 3 System, which represents a major step forward for the captioning and subtitling industry, ensuring that AYATO remains, by far, the most powerful and sought after system available. OFF LINE SUBTITLING & CLOSED CAPTIONING – UNICODE – SD/HD

AYATO 3 can run in any language and delivering to any format:


– Open or closed captions for TV (SD/HD)

– DVB subtitles

– Non-linear editors

– Digital cinema

– Web streaming


The flexible and easy-to-learn user interface enables each user to personalise toolbars, screen layout and preferences. Style templates can be set up to accommodate different clients, or to reflect the variations in approach between translation subtitling and the preparation of subtitles for deaf and hard-of-hearing people.


AYATO 3 is a proven product that continues to evolve to meet market needs. Its premium feature-set includes all the capabilities that skilled subtitlers demand: flexible import/export, Unicode language support, shot change detection, audio waveform display with speech presence detection, multilanguage spell-checking, text entry using speech recognition, and even text-to-speech synchronisation.


AYATO 3 is delivered with a great number of functionalities. However, we separated some nonessential options for classic subtitling operations (these options can be necessary in certain workflows). It is possible to add these options later on, by a simple update of the software key.

This module allows creating media files in low resolution from the subtitling, logos and TC burnt onto the video.The low resolution files created can be used as an electronic preview for customers.

Bitmap Export for Ayato, Blu ray, Scenarist, Digital cinema, Avid, Final Cut, etc.

Plugin AVID (AVX plugin 1.5 and later), Include Export Plugin for Ayato (Export XML + Bitmap for AVID). The first Plugin  for Avid is offered with the Bitmap Export Option.

Apple Final Cut Plugin for Macintosh Includes Export Plugin for Ayato. The first Plugin  for Final Cut Pro is offered with the Bitmap Export Option. (Download It at the bottom of the page)

Driver for Black Magic Design Video Boards. Allows encoding from SD or HD in Windows Media Files directly from Ayato and using Video board as Keyer (SD/HD) : Require Time code board to follow External TC from VCR. Supported Board : Decklink Extreme 2 SD/HD.

Allows encoding from SD or HD in Windows Media File directly from Ayato. Requirement : DirectX compatible input Board. Time Code board required if TC grabbing.

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